Loving Jesus,
Loving Our Neighbors


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 Jim & Josephine Zylstra - Uganda

Jim is a team leader of the World Renew Uganda country team. He began his work with World Renew as a long-term volunteer in eastern Kentucky and downtown Los Angeles. After some years in the US, Jim returned to World Renew in 1995 and participated in the Rwanda disaster response following the 1994 genocide. In 2000, Jim joined the World Renew Uganda team. In early 2014,  Jim took on the director position for World Renew Tanzania. Jim is married to Josephine Iyongat. They have two adult sons.




Chapman small Jermayne & Meredith Chapman – CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Jermayne & Meredith Chapman serve with CRU in Orlando, FL, where their passion and mission is to connect ethnic college students to Jesus Christ, motivated by the belief that the gospel has the power to change people, entire campuses, cities, and the world. Jermayne currently serves as the Associate National Director for Ethnic Field Ministries in the Great Lakes Region, meaning he resources campus staff in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan to reach ethnic students on their campuses. The Chapmans also serve with Cru locally at Butler University and IUPUI. They have three children: Joshua (7), Elena Brielle (4), and Kaia Grace (1).




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 Bruce & Pamela Johnson - Japan

Bruce & Pamela Johnson are serving in Japan as church planters with the Japan Alliance Christ Church. They met at Columbia Bible College in 1991, married in June 1992 and went back to Japan in February 1994. Bruce and Pamela are currently in Hiroshima, Japan planting churches from ground zero. Short bible lessons are given with English-led conversations that sometimes led to Sunday services. One pastime Bruce and Pamela enjoy is eating okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake. It is made by adding layers of noodles and cabbage. If you would like to know more about Bruce and Pamela's mission check out the Japanese website at http://livingchapel.jimdo.com