Therefore welcome one another as Christ

has welcomed you, for the glory of God

Romans 15:7


Introduction to Islam: A Christian Perspective

A discussion of Islam and Christianity.  Four weeks starting this sunday at 9:15 AM. All are welcome.

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Renewal Lab Daily Bible Readings




Check out the bible readings for this week.

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Grief Share

GriefShareA biblically based grief support group for anyone who has lost a loved one.  We meet Sundays, starting September 9, 4:00-5:30 PM in Fellowship Hall.  Participants may join at any time during the 13 week sessions.  For more information, call the church office at 860-644-2731.

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Renewal Lab Daily Bible Readings




Check out the bible readings for this week.

One of the ways we can all participate in the Church Renewal Lab on an ongoing basis is through reading one chapter of the Bible each day, five days out of seven, and pondering a question intended to help us think through what we’ve just read and how it applies both to our life together and our life as part of our broader neighborhoods and community. Imagine what God might do through us as we ponder and pray together! With that in mind, here are the readings and questions for the week of September 16 -22, 2018

Day 1

Read: John 11:45-57

Questions to ponder: What responses did the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection produce, and why? What are the main concerns of the Jewish leaders? What do they fail to see in this story? How does Jesus respond to this new situation? What does this teach us about what is likely to happen when we try to get Jesus to cooperate with, or fit into, our religious traditions?

Pray for the Church Renewal Lab team focusing on Children’s Ministries (birth through elementary school) Teresa VanderLeest, Alicia Christians, and Regina Wiggins.

Day 2

Read: John 12:1-11

Questions to ponder: If you had a year’s wages to blow on friends, what would you do? Given the value of the perfume Mary used to anoint Jesus (v 5), how do you think you would have reacted if you would have been present? How does Jesus interpret Mary’s action? If you had a year’s wages to invest for Christ, what would you do? How is that reflected in your budget and priorities right now?

Pray for Mike May and Randy Wiggins, our church custodians.

Day 3

Read: John 12:1-11

Consider: Many years ago in England there was a young woman who always wore a golden locket that she would not allow anyone to open or look into. Everyone thought there must be some romance connected with that locket, and that in it there must be a picture of the one she loved. Tragically, the young woman died at an early age. After her death, the locket was opened as everyone wondered whose face would be found inside. However, in the locket was only a little slip of paper with these words written on it: “Whom having not seen, I love” (1 Peter 1:8). The locket was her constant reminder that Jesus Christ was the only love she knew and the only love she longed for.*

Questions to ponder: How does the love of Mary, who had seen Jesus, compare and contrast with the love of this young woman in England?

Pray for the church Adult Ministries Team.

Day 4

Read: John 12:12-19

Questions to ponder: Have you ever been in a crowd watching for a famous person to pass by? What was that experience like? Given what God had done at the first Passover, what might the crowd have been hoping Jesus would do at this Passover? What kind of worship does Jesus deserve as our King?

Pray for the church Congregational Life Ministries Team.

Day 5

Read: John 12:20-36

Questions to ponder: What was unique about the request of the Greeks (v 21)? Jesus had repeatedly said that His “time had not yet come,” but now He says that it has come (v 23)—what changed? What does He call His followers to do in vv 25-26? What is significant about vv 27-33? Where in your life is Jesus calling you to “die” to yourself so you might “live” in and for Him?

Pray for the Church Renewal Lab team focusing on Prayer: Joy Ferwerda and Chris Kloter.

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