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Renewal Lab Daily Bible Readings

 Check out the bible readings for this week.

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Grief Share

GriefShareA biblically based grief support group for anyone who has lost a loved one.  We meet Sundays, starting February 3, 4:00-5:30 PM in Fellowship Hall.  Participants may join at any time during the 13 week sessions.  For more information, call the church office at 860-644-2731.

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2019 Calvin January Series

Webcast starting January 3 and continuing through January 23

12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall



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Renewal Lab Daily Bible Readings

 Check out the bible readings for this week.

One of the ways we can all participate in the Church Renewal Lab on an ongoing basis is through reading one chapter of the Bible each day, five days out of seven, and pondering a question intended to help us think through what we’ve just read and how it applies both to our life together and our life as part of our broader neighborhoods and community. Imagine what God might do through us as we ponder and pray together! With that in mind, here are the readings and questions for the week of January 13-19, 2019

Day 1

Read: Nehemiah 4

Questions to ponder: Why do you think the rebuilding of the walls brought opposition from some? What “weapons” do those people use against Nehemiah and the others? What is Nehemiah’s first response (v 4; cf. also 1:5-11, 2:4, and v 9)? What threat does Nehemiah face next (vv 7-8)? How do the builders meet this threat? How does Nehemiah encourage his team when they begin to get tired (v 14)? Which challenges you more: external criticism or internal fear?

Pray for Mike May and Randy Wiggins, our church custodians.

Day 2

Read: Nehemiah 4

Consider and reflect: Albert Einstein once famously said, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”* How was that true for Nehemiah and those helping to rebuild the wall? How have you see that to be true in your own life? What can you learn from Nehemiah that can help you deal appropriately with “opposition from mediocre minds” in the future?

Pray for the church Adult Ministries Team, chaired by Carol Drohan.

 Day 3

Read: Nehemiah 5

Questions to ponder: What is the “great outcry” (v 1) all about? Whose needs were going unmet? What reasons are given for this crisis—what was behind it? What three groups were most affected? How did this affect their desire to continue to work and rebuild the walls? How does Nehemiah respond to their cries for economic justice? Why does he get so angry with the nobles and officials (vv 7ff; cf. also Leviticus 25:39-42 and Ezekiel 22:12-13)?

Pray for the church Congregational Life Team, chaired by Mike Ohliger.

 Day 4

Read: Nehemiah 5

Questions to ponder: Continuing from yesterday, how does Nehemiah make sure the nobles and officials keep their word (vv 9-10, 12b)? Do you think he acts wisely here? After being appointed governor, what changes is Nehemiah willing to make for the sake of the people (vv 14-19)? What does he hope to gain in return (v 19)? What privileges or rights are you willing to give up so that God’s work can prosper through Avery Street’s ministry in our community?

Pray for church Outreach Team, chaired by Rose Hiskes.

Day 5

Read: Nehemiah 6:1-14

Questions to ponder: As the rebuilding project neared completion,

Nehemiah’s enemies stepped up their opposition—how? Nehemiah correctly perceives that his enemies want to harm him and discourage the workers—how does he react? What do you think the rather odd prophecy of Shemaiah was intended to do (v 10)? How do you respond when people try to discourage or criticize you? What can we learn from Nehemiah to help us when we face opposition or slander?

          Pray for the Church Renewal Lab team focusing on Prayer: Joy Ferwerda

and Chris Kloter.

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